I have used many "Magic creams"and ointments to clear a blemish quick. None have worked better than Tea Tree Oil!  I love the way it smells and how it feels i wash my face then put a small dab on my fingers and touch up those pesky blemishes! It can heal a small wound very quickly and has been used for ages in the outback as an antiseptic.
Cheers to this wonderful stuff!
Have you had a long relationship with your hair stylist?
I know that part of my learning process has been to try out many new hairstylist.   And I have found that a great style leaving is as important as the time spent in the chair.  I try and make sure all my clients feel comfortable and understand how to recreate the look when on their own.  If frumpy hair has you down have you thought about  trying someone new? 
I have a passion to perfect my art and one way to do that has been to take notes, try it and make it my own.
I want to hear it all ... the good the bad and the ugly .

I can't wait to share some pictures of the before and after of the salon remodel.... coming  soon!

I find this picture so relaxing ... Jekyll Island ... early morning and misty!

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