My sweet husband and I celebrated our eighth anniversary. We were married on Driftwood beach at Jekyll Island in 2007.  Almost every other year we have made it down for a picnic at the exact spot where we were married.   I have the best time bringing my children here. We say a prayer of thankfulness over our crab cakes, sitting on top of the quilt we stood on when we said our vows.  It will  be a vivid memory I will always cherish.
This was Amelia's first trip to the beach. I remember Jonah's first trip he played with a red ball and we ate  the same orzo recipe from our wedding a caprese pasta , and crab cakes, and we had a toast to 1 year. Jacksons first trip he napped while Jonah was adventuring about. As our family grows I see many more picnics in our future. I feel my heart is most full when I think back to these moments.

Wow it has been awhile !   
 We have done so much in two years and I have been journaling and keeping track of all the big milestone moments.  We have added a new member to the family  miss Amelia was born in November of 2014 and life was a whirlwind even before her arrival!  I have been on top of the world with all the fun we have been having.  The boys both love having baby sister in their life and I couldn't have asked for a better life loving and learning with my babes and my hubs.
        I have continued to do hair and be a homeschooling momma.   I am looking forward to updating our past and adding bits of our journey along the way. There is plenty to write about and counting our blessings will be such a great way to renew my tired momma spirit.  



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